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  • Soar toward 'value transformation' on DevOps wings

    Why does IT exist? In the second part of his essay on the evolution of IT, George Spalding makes the case for value transformation and explains the role of DevOps in making it happen. Continue Reading

  • Security teams must embrace DevOps practices or get left behind

    DevOps practices can help improve enterprise security. Frank Kim of the SANS Institute explains how infosec teams can embrace them. Continue Reading

  • Four technologies that could transform information security programs

    With digital transformations underway in many industries, CIOs aren't the only ones who need to have the next big thing on their radar. What security innovations should you follow to ready your organization's information security programs?

    The internet of things is both a security threat and potentially a security boon. Big data, machine learning and a growing number of systems with pseudo artificial intelligence may help ease the workloads of security analysts. Bitcoin's distributed database technology known as blockchain can add security to a variety of systems, but scalability remains an early concern. Quantum computing? That one may be too far out -- five years at least -- to be considered a near-term technology disruptor to enterprise information security programs.

    Whether your organization is focused on manufacturing and infrastructure -- such as industrial control systems -- or consumer and information technology -- such as the internet of things -- everything is rapidly becoming connected and potentially accessible from the internet. Many information security programs are not on track for the internet of things, complex clouds and other technology disruptors. We dust off the crystal ball in this issue of Information Security magazine and ask infosec experts and venture capitalists to look into the future.

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