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  • SDN components transform the LAN

    Full software-defined networking is elusive in the local area network, but SDN components can help create a LAN that is more flexible and programmable. Users are beginning to explore what SDN elements like centralized management of policies and roles and automated configuration can do to improve documentation, application integration, network monitoring and security.

    In this month's cover story, we consider how "SDN-lite" components can change the LAN.

    In addition to software driving LAN improvements, software is also furthering advancements in the cloud. In another feature, enterprise experts describe how they are moving toward 100% unified communications in the cloud by retooling IT's focus and building enterprise users' confidence in the technology.

    Finally, in this month's Subnet Q&A, read about first responders in California who have found they are better able to fight wildfires and resolve medical emergencies with a stronger Wi-Fi network and greater communications capabilities.

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  • First responders rely on improved Wi-Fi to fight fires and save lives

    First responders implement improved Wi-Fi to enhance how they share critical information in times of medical emergencies and natural disasters. Continue Reading

  • What are the requirements for E911 services for VoIP providers?

    VoIP service providers have specific guidelines to meet to ensure E911 services are properly configured and meet regulatory standards. Learn how to maintain E911 compliance. Continue Reading

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