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  • Artificial intelligence meets enterprise collaboration systems

    Artificial intelligence has entered the world of enterprise collaboration. Learn more about how Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle are folding AI into collaboration. Continue Reading

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016

    SharePoint 2016 is Microsoft's document management and collaboration tool. The cloud-based version, SharePoint Online, is part of the Office 365 suite. The on-premises version is known as SharePoint 2016. Continue Reading

  • So many ways to deliver applications, so little time

    In lieu of installing all apps directly on users' desktops and mobile devices, IT has a plethora of options to deliver applications -- desktop and application virtualization, desktop as a service, web apps and hybrid strategies. Each method comes with advantages and drawbacks when it comes to security, compatibility, cost and development complexity. This month's cover story of Access magazine delves into these issues to help you figure out what's best for your different applications.

    In a column, our enterprise desktop expert explains when it's better to deliver full desktops versus single applications. And along with determining how to deliver applications, it's critical to focus on the back-end infrastructure. Another column this month explores what to consider for the third-party systems behind mobile specifically. The Deep Dive looks at mobile threat detection technology and why it hasn't reached critical mass yet. Finally, the new App Spotlight shines on Slack, a growing option for enterprise collaboration.

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  • Span multiple services with Office 365 data loss prevention policies

    Microsoft bolstered the data loss prevention features in Office 365 to protect more than just email. Learn how to expand DLP protection to SharePoint and OneDrive. Continue Reading

  • Nuvious uses Microsoft Graph API to open up Office 365 to mobile apps

    Getting mobile device apps to work seamlessly with Office 365 content is now easier as Nuvious leverages the Graph API to build conduits with NativeScript and TypeScript. Continue Reading

  • Network analytics: New ITOA tools stop downtime before it happens

    When it comes to improving network performance, big data alone isn't enough -- network managers need IT operations analytics (ITOA) to make sense of it all. Now, cutting-edge, "smart" ITOA tools do more than just use network analytics to diagnose existing problems. They also automate fixes and identify percolating issues before they have the chance to pick up steam.

    In this edition of Network Evolution, we explore this next generation of ITOA tools -- also known as algorithmic IT operations platforms (AIOps). AIOps' network analytics capabilities give organizations real-time visibility into their own networks, while offering managers unprecedented control. In addition to uncovering and diagnosing major irregularities, the next generation of ITOA tools can sniff out smaller inefficiencies that would otherwise pass unnoticed, but ultimately take a toll on overall performance. Gartner analysts predict use of AIOps network analytics will increase more than 400% by 2019.

    Also in this issue, learn why some IT leaders have welcomed shadow IT into the light, especially when it comes to workers' use of collaboration applications such as Slack and Unify Circuit. We also take a look at the diminishing popularity of in-house network testing labs, and explore how some organizations now test network changes instead -- if they test them at all.

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