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  • Data lake implementation: Data security, privacy a top priority

    In this video, Progress' Sumit Sarkar details the challenges his company faced with data lake implementation and enumerates security best practices associated with a data lake. Continue Reading

  • Being GDPR compliant is not just a concern for the EU

    The General Data Protection Regulation is set to affect many, and not just those in the EU. If your organization collects data online, you may soon have to make some tough choices. Continue Reading

  • Cybersecurity careers soar with security leadership skills

    Security leadership abilities are hard to quantify. Certifications and degrees may ease the way into a career in cybersecurity, but hard-won experience is usually the surer path into a role that can influence meaningful change in today's complex environments. Whether they report into the CIO or outside of the IT organization, CISOs handle growing levels of responsibilities as evolving threats and infrastructures mean higher risk and no room for staff shortages. In this Information Security issue on cybersecurity careers, we look at the path to CISO. What are the measures of success or failure in this positon? Is it worth it?

    As more Fortune 5000 companies seek CISOs to handle cybersecurity concerns, larger organizations in financial services and defense industries have piqued everyone's interest with their continued investment in the human factor -- the je ne sais quoi that results in successful threat hunting. While many definitions of hunting can be found, threat hunters essentially search for the traces attackers leave behind in an IT environment, usually before any alerts of their activities are generated by security devices.

    "I used to think that only the best security operations center people could be threat hunters, but that's not always true," said Anton Chuvakin, a Gartner research vice president. "The best SOC analyst may be good at responding to alerts, but they don't always have the creativity that's needed."

    As automation and machine learning gain hold, technology is still no substitute for security leadership abilities and cybersecurity talent. In this issue of Information Security magazine, we look at cybersecurity careers and the best ways to build top-notch security organizations.

     Continue Reading

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