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  • Executive briefing: Survey researches health IT spending

    Just about anyone working in hospitals and ambulatory clinics will tell you that their No. 1 goal is to improve the quality of patient care, and technology plays a huge role in that objective. The results of TechTarget's 2017 Health IT Purchasing Intentions Survey, conducted in partnership with the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME), indicate that quality of care, patient engagement and security all will receive boosted investment in health IT spending this year. Those three areas tie together in creating a modern patient experience in which diagnosis and treatment take center stage, all while protected health data remains secure behind the scenes.

    In this special survey briefing, our editors look deeper into the results, in particular exploring which patient engagement technologies are poised to get funding from healthcare CIOs. Readers can also take a visual tour of important health IT spending results in the areas of data security measures, cloud options and overall technology investments.

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  • IT cost reduction is vital as cloud expenses rise

    It's easy to spend money in IT. It's harder to save it -- or cut ongoing costs. Comprehensive IT budget planning paves the road to cheaper IT. Continue Reading

  • Build a cloud-based infrastructure one layer at a time

    As enterprise IT teams enter the cloud adoption phase, they must understand the technical underpinnings that comprise cloud infrastructure -- from servers to storage to apps. Continue Reading

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  • Three questions to ask when forming an API strategy

    When formulating an API strategy, there are three questions organizations should ask themselves. Answering them should help set that strategy in the right direction and optimize the value of your APIs. Continue Reading

  • SMB customer IT spend: Barriers and how to overcome them

    Channel companies may need to overcome technical and financial obstacles among their SMB customers to encourage them to acquire and adopt new technology. Continue Reading

  • 2017 IT spending trends for data storage

    For the 15th year, Storage magazine has surveyed storage pros to learn about their IT spending trends for the coming months. As you'd expect, the cloud continues to pick up steam for both primary and secondary projects, while all-flash arrays and SSDs also rated highly. Hyper-converged interest, meanwhile, nearly doubled over 2016. See how your 2017 shopping list compares to today's IT spending trends.

    When SSDs supplanted HDDs, it revealed many deficiencies in the traditional RAID array model. Storage vendors changed course, leading to the highly scalable, fast and reliable hyper-converged systems of today. Is it time to go all-in with hyper-convergence?

    IT is rapidly evolving to keep pace with today's data-intensive business apps and trends, such as the internet of things. For storage, this means newer silicon tech, inherent analytics, embedding hybrid cloud tiering and (often) convergence with or hosting of core data processing directly, and new management techniques.

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