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  • Hindered by legacy IT systems, Texas CIO forges a way ahead

    Over half of the roughly 4,000 business applications in use by the state of Texas are classified as legacy IT systems. CIO Todd Kimbriel has a plan in the works to remedy that. Continue Reading

  • Virtualization lightens IT application management load

    With very few exceptions, applications can -- and should -- go on virtual machines. IT admins benefit from better application management and increased automation. Continue Reading

  • Cloud-based networking meets changing infrastructure needs

    A growing number of network managers have their heads in the cloud, and that's a good thing. Cloud-based networking technologies are emerging to help solve a number of enterprise problems, and organizations are busy exploring what "the networked cloud" will mean for them. While some network pros are dipping cautious toes into the cloud-based networking waters with individual, subscription-based services that integrate with their existing infrastructure, others are rolling out technology that lets them manage the migration of their applications to the cloud with a high degree of visibility and control. This edition of Network Evolution examines how cloud-based networking can make network managers' lives easier in a new era of IT.

    Also in this issue, find out whatever happened to the legacy voice engineers of yore, since voice over IP technology threatened to render their traditional circuit switching skills more or less obsolete in the 1990s. We catch up with a few such professionals who -- far from phoning it in -- learned new skills that took their careers in unexpected directions.

    And last but not least, we explore Microsoft's upcoming Azure Stack release -- and whether it could become a major player in the software-defined networking space.

     Continue Reading

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