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  • Choose MBaaS or BaaS platform wisely for mobile app development tools

    Developing mobile apps is more than a back end for database access and multicloud integration. The mobile device front end is what matters to users. Choose the right tools. Continue Reading

  • Moving forward with your mobile app development tools

    Keeping on track with mobile application development in the cloud is a constant challenge for developers and enterprises alike. This handbook looks at mobile application development tools and ways to get a handle on what to expect from future technologies.

    In the first feature, reporter Joel Shore examines how various design opportunities have recently become a burden to developers. Find out which tools offer coding for several different devices and how to avoid design problems. In the second feature, consultant Tom Nolle focuses on finding middleware that will align with mobile-first needs and how to determine what makes the most sense for your enterprise. And in the third feature, analyst Kurt Marko looks at how the internet of things will fuel cloud and mobile app development technologies.

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  • The right mobile app dev tools matter

    Building mobile apps isn't easy, but developers have a plethora of mobile app development tools to choose from that can make the process less painful. Continue Reading

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  • Eight factors when choosing mobile application development tools

    When it comes to picking out a mobile app development tool it is important to keep lifecycle management, integration, internal expertise and more in mind. Continue Reading

  • A technical expert's guide to software product design

    When initiating a new project, there are a number of dos and don'ts when it comes to software product design you need to be aware of. Continue Reading

  • App dev tools strengthen Amazon mobility market play

    Other vendors get more attention, but Amazon has quietly built a large portfolio of enterprise mobility services. This issue’s cover story looks at how the cloud-computing giant could make waves with its management, data synchronization and app development tools. Experts say its popular infrastructure services will be a big draw for customers looking to go mobile.

    This month's columns explain why infrastructure admins need to get on board with enterprise mobility and when IT should think about outsourcing mobile support tasks. Jack Madden takes a deep dive into the choice between native, Web and hybrid apps. And in the wake of IBM InterConnect and Mobile World Congress, our editors take a look at what Big Blue is up to in the mobile market.

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  • Do you know mobile application development tools? Prove it!

    Mobile app development tools are crucial in today's application-centric business world. Put your knowledge to the test in this mobile app development quiz. Continue Reading

  • Mobile apps driving you mad? Try MADPs

    Developing mobile apps can be costly. MADPs ease the burden by giving developers everything they need to build apps in one place. Continue Reading

  • SAP mobility walks the runway

    More companies say that making their ERP data accessible from mobile devices is a top priority, and the SAP mobility push is providing the tools to make that happen. Central to SAP mobility are Fiori applications. While the name is a bit mythical, SAP's mobility package serves a practical function: It provides customers with a way to access all the applications they need on their mobile devices.

    In this handbook, freelance journalist Linda Rosencrance explains SAP's mobile strategy and the tools that make it possible. SearchSAP executive editor David Essex looks at one company using Fiori applications and the SAP Mobile Platform. And freelancer Chris Maxcer explains the importance of business processes to going mobile. Continue Reading

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