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  • The best enterprise use cases for mobile backend as a service

    Mobile development is tricky and harder still when trying to integrate it with an enterprise platform. MBaaS has the potential to simplify things. Expert Tom Nolle explains. Continue Reading

  • How MBaaS architecture is reshaping enterprise mobility

    Companies are shifting toward MBaaS for back-end integration in mobile app development because of its lower costs, time-saving capabilities and ease of use. Continue Reading

  • Modern Mobility Innovation Awards: Four mobile projects triumph

    The Modern Mobility Innovation Awards recognize four creative and successful enterprise mobile projects. These initiatives took advantage of everything from managed services to advanced app development techniques to mobile backend as a service. Several winning projects solved the challenges of providing mobile support for legacy infrastructure systems. All of them enabled their organizations' end users and customers to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. The results were four strong enterprise mobility implementations that together represent this year's Modern Mobility Innovation Awards winners. Read the stories of each of these mobile projects in this special issue of the e-zine. Continue Reading