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  • Distributed networks, cloud bring new focus on SD-WAN security

    Enterprises are more focused on SD-WAN security as they increase connectivity among branches and determine how best to protect their users and devices from a growing threat landscape. Continue Reading

  • Cloud network services adjust to enterprise demands

    Cloud networking continues to adapt as enterprise demands push consistency and security to the forefront. But now, hybrid and multicloud add another layer of complexity. Continue Reading

  • Current networking trends increasingly shape the enterprise

    Current networking trends like software-defined technology, cloud and virtualization are shaping the direction of the enterprise. Companies are provisioning more workloads to the cloud as they assess costs associated with replacing expensive equipment. Software-defined technology and virtualization are being used to create new tools around network performance, analytics and monitoring. Enterprises are moving in these directions; however, they are doing so in measured steps, trying to mitigate associated risks.

    Current networking trends also are forcing schools to rethink their networking curriculum. Some networking programs have been reluctant to introduce topics around software-defined networking and virtual networks, but other educators have recognized the need for their students to learn a broader range of subjects as these technologies continue to be implemented.

    And, finally, as the current networking trends change, so too do the roles of network engineers. Where engineers were focused solely on IT, today, they have more opportunities to explore the strategic and creative aspects of networking architecture. Building skill sets through a range of certifications aids network engineers seeking varied career paths.

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