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  • End-user computing tech ROI comes in many different forms

    The business side of organizations is quick to look for monetary benefits when implementing a new technology. But end-user computing tools don't always rake in big bucks. Instead, EUC tech ROI comes from increased productivity among employees and simpler management and maintenance for IT administrators. This month's cover story dig into the ROI businesses can get from these technologies and how to measure it.

    In columns this month, experts look at the reasons to move to Windows 10 and how edge computing has evolved due to mobile advancements. The Deep Dive digs into application layering, a technology that sounds simple enough but has many different ways to approach it. And the Device Spotlight shines on the Samsung Galaxy S8, the company's effort to put the troubled Note 7 in the rearview mirror. Plus, IT professionals share their tips for attending the top conferences this summer.

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  • Manage wireless networks with the latest tools and tech

    To manage wireless networks, IT pros must keep pace with an array of rapidly changing products. Are you up to date on what tools and tech are now on the market? Continue Reading

  • Documenting processes is crucial step in deploying enterprise software

    An HR technology consultant outlines the steps needed to get a strong grasp on how your organization does things -- and how new software might make them run more efficiently. Continue Reading

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