• March 08, 2017 08 Mar'17

    Of metrics, REST API best practices and too many app updates

    TechTarget's application development editorial team talks REST API best practices, metrics and why our mobile apps seem to be always updating.

  • February 09, 2017 09 Feb'17

    Data Dynamics Inc. StorageX 7.8

    Data Dynamics upgrades StorageX with new data protection features and functions, and makes it so users can customize their own data mobility policies with a REST API and SDK.

  • August 31, 2016 31 Aug'16

    Restlet streamlines 'API DevOps' workflows

    API platform provider Restlet has updated its Restlet Studio API design tool. The key features here work to help API developers  transition between development, test and deployment tools within the ...

  • August 17, 2016 17 Aug'16

    SmartBear SOAPS up for RESTful API cleanup

    Imagine if every PhD dissertation resulted in something that changed the world asks SmartBear Software. The hugely developer-centric company is known for its products that work for code review, API ...

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  • Managing the merger of SOA and microservices

    Expert Tom Nolle discusses why your allegiance to microservices or SOA doesn't necessarily have to be a choice, if you can work with both. Continue Reading

  • Developing a clearly defined API management strategy

    APIs are enjoying a ubiquitous lifestyle and becoming the main entryway to the digital business. As a software intermediary that makes it possible for programs to communicate with each other, APIs reach across many industries and can dwell in web-based systems, operating systems and databases. Though it's acknowledged that APIs are critically important to business processes, a large number of organizations don’t fully understand the importance of APIs and lack a clear management strategy. Yet many businesses depend on an API strategy to drive B2B integration.

    In the first feature of this handbook, journalist George Lawton points to the many challenges in developing an API strategy that includes supporting legacy protocols, streamlining business processes and using third-party data. He assesses the shift toward making APIs a critical part of B2B integration and examines the associated security and compliance concerns. In the second feature, consultant Tom Nolle writes that enterprises are failing to set proper goals when developing an API management strategy. He says organizations are reporting that some of their in-house and acquired application services are uncontrolled, and even where API controls are in place, they aren't supporting at least some of their IT goals. In the third feature, technologist Kurt Marko emphasizes the importance of keeping it simple when managing both on-premises and cloud-based APIs.

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  • Creating successful RESTful API design

    Successful API design requires lots of attention to detail. Take these three steps for creating RESTful API design. Continue Reading

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