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  • Smart cities market: Three factors to think about before going to town

    Smart city projects look like a promising opportunity for IT service providers, but channel companies will need to deal with multiple stakeholders and potentially shaky funding. Continue Reading

  • When picking a DRaaS provider, preparation makes perfect

    With many options in the DRaaS market now, the proper analysis of your business and potential vendors is crucial. This step-by-step guide will help you narrow the field. Continue Reading

  • Recipe for application integration tools lists a delicate mix of key ingredients

    When choosing the best application integration tools, it's all about striking the right balance. Bells and whistles can be alluring, but if those features don't match your company's needs, your software choice can quickly become shelfware.

    In making that vital purchasing decision, there's much to consider. App integration tools are divided into two categories, or missions: tools that move work and those that address components. These two characteristics need to be balanced with three important influencers: business agility, componentization and the cloud. The relative importance of these drivers will determine the balance of features you'll need in an app integration tool. They can't be ignored.

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