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  • Can you upgrade Windows Server 2012 R2 cluster nodes without downtime?

    Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V includes a new feature called Cluster Rolling Upgrade that allows you to upgrade Windows Server 2012 R2 cluster nodes without any downtime. Continue Reading

  • Unstructured data storage showdown: Object storage vs scale-out NAS

    Object storage and scale-out NAS are both highly scalable and built to handle large amounts of unstructured data. Which one is best suited for your environment? Continue Reading

  • Scale-out storage vs. object storage

    The unfettered growth of unstructured data, both human and (more and more) machine generated, has enterprises increasingly turning to scale-out NAS and object storage. While both scale-out storage and object storage are designed for massive scalability, they take different approaches to storing unstructured information -- each with their own strengths/weaknesses, management issues and architectural considerations.

    Flash is putting demands on storage networks like never before. Fortunately, there are emerging technologies (e.g., the latest in FC and Ethernet networking) and techniques (e.g., network caching and SDS) you can implement to ease this growing burden on storage fabrics while maximizing application performance.

    File sync and share can place your IP, financial and compliance data, not to mention organization as a whole, at risk. There are a number ways to bring this effective sharing, communication and collaboration approach out of the shadows and into the IT fold, however, through more secure corporate-sanctioned cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployments.

     Continue Reading

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