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  • Cloud access security brokers: Hard to tell what's real

    Most cloud access security brokers offer CISOs a way to set policy and gain better understanding of multiple cloud services and data in use across the enterprise. As CASBs have gained momentum in recent years, use cases for them have expanded. Do these tools fill the gaps around visibility and control of software as a service and other cloud services?

    Although cloud service visibility and data leak protection continue to be the biggest drivers, cloud access security brokers can do more than just help with your shadow IT problem and unsanctioned application activity in the cloud.

    Organizations are increasingly looking to use cloud access security brokers to identify anomalies in data movement between on-premises and cloud apps as well as multiple cloud services. Malware identification and encryption of data have become important. More enterprises are also beginning to use CASBs or similar intermediary security technologies to provide some level of security policy management for custom identity-as-a-service platforms.

    In this issue of Information Security magazine, we look at cloud access security brokers and the best ways to evaluate new models, such as infrastructure as a service and platform security.

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  • ISAOs: The benefits of sharing security information

    ISAOs are a good way for organizations to share information about security threats. Expert Steven Weil explains what these organizations are and their attributes. Continue Reading

  • IoT and regulatory compliance: The value in a contextual perimeter

    IoT can be a strong component to ensure compliance with privacy regulations, creating a contextual perimeter for your data and your organization. Continue Reading

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  • Data anonymization techniques less reliable in era of big data

    Data anonymization techniques are designed to preserve privacy of shared data, but do they work with high-dimensional data? Here's what experts have to say. Continue Reading

  • Privileged user access: Managing and monitoring accounts

    Maintaining the security principle of least privilege can prevent abuse of privileged user accounts. Learn about the best practices for monitoring privileged access. Continue Reading

  • New tactics for better endpoint security threat prevention

    Endpoint security threat prevention tools are crucial in your endpoint management strategy. This three-part technical guide will help you develop and advance your existing endpoint security management approach. It includes a chapter that outlines seven fundamental steps to take to make sure endpoints entering your network are kept as secure as possible. Chapter two advises on how to raise that endpoint security baseline even higher by using network access control, data loss prevention and strategic data destruction. Our final chapter considers where a cloud service fits into an enterprise security strategy focused on endpoints.

    This guide is created with today's enterprise infosec pro in mind, the person on the frontlines -- that is, the corporate IT department -- in the battle against the hackers aiming to steal corporate data and infiltrate enterprise networks. Readers of this guide will come away with a better understanding of the latest tools and techniques to provide better endpoint security threat prevention.

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