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  • social CRM

    Social CRM, or social relationship management, is customer relationship management and engagement fostered by communication with customers through social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. Continue Reading

  • owned

    Owned, in common slang, means decisively defeated, with the implication of domination and possession. The term is often used to describe the results of competition in sports and business. Continue Reading

  • LinkedIn Economic Graph

    The LinkedIn Economic Graph is a digital map of the global economy that seeks to include every member of the global workforce and their skills, as well as all open jobs, all employers and all educational institutions. Continue Reading

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  • Facebook collaboration tool leans on channel partners

    Facebook Workplace, a collaboration platform targeting the enterprise, is tapping channel partners for help in deploying the system and integrating it with other applications. Continue Reading

  • Team messaging apps go mainstream, could have ripple effect

    As team messaging applications such as Slack and Cisco Spark grow in popularity, they could decrease reliance on email, 1-800 customer service numbers and even LinkedIn. Continue Reading

  • Chit chat: The new team collaboration apps go mainstream

    Gone are the days of dial-up internet and ubiquitous AOL accounts, when Meg Ryan had mail and no one owned a smartphone. Yet, many years and seven iPhone generations later, email -- for all its frustrations and shortcomings -- still reigns as the undisputed norm when it comes to workplace communication. And while many desk jockeys bemoan their fraught relationships with overflowing inboxes, most also consider email a necessary evil of modern life -- hard to live with, but impossible to live without.

    The rising popularity of the new team collaboration apps, however, suggests email might ultimately prove more vulnerable than many believe. In this special edition of Network Evolution, we explore how the growing adoption of team collaboration apps -- such as Slack, Unify Circuit, Cisco Spark and Microsoft Teams -- creates a ripple effect in the mainstream enterprise that reaches beyond internal, employee-to-employee communication. Hear from one company that uses a messaging platform to communicate with customers, and find out why another early adopter believes team collaboration apps could even threaten LinkedIn as the go-to business-to-business social media platform.

    Also in this issue, learn more about the "land-and-expand" phenomenon helping these team collaboration apps gain footholds in the mainstream enterprise, and hear from a unified communications expert on the security risks of relying on open source collaboration software.

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  • How analytics in marketing can transform organizations

    Marketing is second only to sales in terms of analytics application -- and it's where the odds of business success can most effectively be changed for the better. Continue Reading

  • AR, VR tech poised to revolutionize digital business management

    We've all seen footage of astronauts being trained for space travel in virtual environments, and many of us were sucked into the augmented world of Pokémon Go when it debuted over the summer. It's the business world's turn to catch up now. Companies are using AR and VR tech to boost productivity, allow remote collaboration and improve training. But questions remain as to whether these technologies will provide real digital business management value to companies. We try to help companies get out in front of the trend in this issue of CIO Decisions. That mission led us to talk to companies about their experiences implementing AR and VR technologies and their influence on digital business management. Elsewhere in this issue, representatives from the MIT Media Lab discuss whether autonomous machines can have morals, and the CIO of Oral Roberts University discusses how to overcome the "IKEA effect" on IT. Continue Reading

  • Social monitoring toolbox filled with empty outcomes

    In the ongoing battle to capture and retain customers, companies see social media as fertile and unlimited real estate where they can engage audiences, target marketing campaigns and build brand loyalty. While some social monitoring strategies focus on handling customer service issues, many companies now need to take a more strategic approach to gather vital business intelligence. Social media monitoring together with analytics can help create a clearer picture of a company's audience and activities by aggregating data from multiple social channels. Even though most companies recognize the importance of social media monitoring, few organizations have successfully implemented the tools necessary to turn a profit. More than half of respondents to a recent survey say that tying social activities to business outcomes continues to be a difficult undertaking.

    This handbook on social media monitoring identifies some of the difficulties and provides suggestions on converting raw data into actionable information to successfully engage audiences, identify prospects and enhance brand awareness. In the first feature, consultant Scott Robinson makes strong comparisons between election campaigns and marketing campaigns, focusing on lessons learned from Barack Obama's first presidential campaign that reached disengaged voters and boosted favorable voter turnout. In the second feature, writer Laura Aberle details the challenges companies face in tackling social media both outside and inside the enterprise, including engaging consumers across multiple channels and using social networking to improve collaboration among employees. And in the third feature, Robinson returns to examine why social monitoring tools with much promise have fallen short of expectations.

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