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  • Solving enterprise-class storage challenges in the age of convergence

    In this age of data center convergence, with technology evolving faster than ever, planning how to transition from traditional yet rigid environments to more agile software-defined ones is among the trickiest challenges facing IT shops today. Fortunately, a plethora of options exist to lengthen the life of or implement a wholesale replacement of current enterprise-class storage.

    Rapid advancements and developments such as memory-based flash DIMMs, the emergence of nonvolatile memory express, greater densities and lower prices enable flash data storage to meet the requirements of the most demanding enterprise-class storage use cases.

    The varied and competitive world of cloud-based disaster recovery has changed the way we protect and secure data to recover from disaster. Discover the must-have features to consider when shopping for a disaster recovery-as-a-service provider to protect enterprise-class storage.

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  • Learn how to choose the best backup software for your business

    Protect your most important asset -- data -- with enterprise backup software. Use this guide to decide which is the best backup software for your organization's needs. Continue Reading

  • A look at the data backup capabilities of IBM Spectrum Protect

    Spectrum Protect data backup software helps enterprises prevent disaster through various backup methods, and aids in recovery in the case of data loss. Continue Reading

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