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  • Are Amazon devices running on the latest Fire OS 5 secure?

    Amazon disabled native encryption capabilities in the latest Fire OS version. Expert Michael Cobb explains what this means for security, and if encryption can be reinstated. Continue Reading

  • Can a tablet security policy help protect enterprise users?

    BYOD isn't a new trend, but tablet security policy is increasingly important as users choose them over laptops for work. Expert Mike O. Villegas discusses tablet security policies. Continue Reading

  • What IT needs to know about unified endpoint management

    Although PCs and mobile devices perform many of the same tasks, IT administrators often manage them separately, and they use very different tools and approaches. Traditional PC-only management tools are too rigid to impose on mobile devices, and enterprise mobility management tools have focused on smartphones and tablets. It seems some vendors were waiting to see if mobile devices would kill desktop and laptop use, but that has hardly been the case. It's clear that both kinds of computing -- mobile and PC-based -- are here to stay. Unified endpoint management is emerging to help admins manage all the devices on their network with one tool.

    There are some important points to remember, however. Companies must do their due diligence and select the endpoint management product that meets their needs. That means figuring out what capabilities are necessary, and finding a product that matches up. And admins can't lock down any devices; workers need access to data so they can be productive, whether that's at a desk in the office, or at a coffee shop while they're on an international business trip.

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