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  • March 30, 2017 30 Mar'17

    New UI design tool promises 60% reduction in design-to-delivery time

    Get the rundown on PixelFree Studio, a new cross-platform user interface design tool. The visual design and layout tool automates the grunt work of UI design and delivery.

  • March 27, 2017 27 Mar'17

    RingCentral updates focus on team messaging, integrations, AI

    Ahead of Enterprise Connect 2017, RingCentral unveils a slew of updates targeting collaborative communications, including a new user interface and chatbot technology.

  • February 10, 2017 10 Feb'17

    Accenture: AI is the new UI

    Artificial intelligence will be the new user interface for internal and customer-facing applications -- not eventually, but soon, according to Accenture. In its flagship technology report ...

  • February 09, 2017 09 Feb'17

    Progress goes opens on Windows UI library

    Progress has open sourced its Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) native UI controls for building Windows apps. As well as expanding its donations to the .NET ecosystem and foundation, ...

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  • Traversing the IoT software stack

    Make sure IoT software development efforts stay focused on the user throughout the process, and across the software stack. Continue Reading

  • learnability

    Learnability is a quality of products and interfaces that allows users to quickly become familiar with them and able to make good use of all their features and capabilities. Learnability is one component of usability and is often heard in the context of user interface or user experience (UX) design. Continue Reading

  • golden ratio (golden mean)

    The golden ratio is a proportion (roughly 1:1.6) that occurs frequently throughout the natural world and is broadly applied across many areas of human endeavor including engineering, architecture, art, interface design and music. Continue Reading

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