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  • July 13, 2017 13 Jul'17

    SN blogs: Can cloud-based routing do the trick?

    This week, bloggers assess how Volta Networks is shifting to cloud-based routing, device identification, and IPv6 and VLAN interfaces.

  • July 07, 2017 07 Jul'17

    Aruba's 8400 campus LAN switch gets the once-over

    This week, bloggers look into the Aruba 8400 campus LAN switch, automation versus orchestration and culture changes needed for network agility.

  • June 30, 2016 30 Jun'16

    Ansible automation heralds move beyond DevOps niche

    Ansible configuration management's roadmap points to more automation in more areas of the enterprise IT infrastructure.

  • February 11, 2016 11 Feb'16

    SolidFire SF9605

    The high-capacity SolidFire SF9605 uses SolidFire’s Element OS 8 (Oxygen) to deliver new enterprise features such as synchronous replication and snapshot automation.

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  • Enhance cloud resiliency with proper data management

    Explore factors that can influence your level of cloud resilience, such as outages in different geographic locations, and the importance of positioning data for quick recovery. Continue Reading

  • Network designs for dynamic route pacing

    The new generation of network devices means network designs based on dynamic routing. But there are pitfalls to keep in mind. Continue Reading

  • Understanding the advantages of hyper-converged infrastructure

    Converged infrastructure products allow an organization to implement a fully integrated and tested IT offering. But what are the particular attributes of a hyper-converged product? This handbook explores the advantages of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) as well as the disadvantages. By converging virtualization, storage and compute resources, an HCI product provides advanced features, simplified deployment and limited legwork. But, choosing HCI means you'll be facing vendor lock-in, scaling issues (you can scale out some resources only if you add others) and unwanted CPU resources. So how does an organization figure out if an HCI purchase is the right move and if the added simplicity is worth the price? Continue Reading

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  • Revolutionize the data center with microservices and containers

    Software-defined infrastructure, microservices and containers are changing the way data centers are built and operated, resulting in an efficient data center that is easier to use. Continue Reading

  • Improve UC management with SDN and other 21st-century tech

    With all the new unified communications (UC) applications and services on the market, enterprise IT has to make sure they don't crash the network. UC applications such as voice and video tax network performance. These demanding traffic streams test bandwidth limitations; UC management is critical for keeping networks running smoothly.

    Fortunately, technological allies in the form of software-defined networking (SDN) can help UC. SDN allows a network to adapt in real time to changing application and user needs. SDN automates the configuration of certain devices, like switches and routers.

    Another ally to aid UC management today is quality of service (QoS). With QoS enabled in the network, VoIP packets retain top priority and keep traveling without significant delay through the network.

    UC applications may be taxing on the network, but they're also vital for communication inside and outside the enterprise. In this handbook, we explore some of the key ways network engineers can manage UC traffic flows and satisfy end-user demands.

    This handbook looks at how video, VoIP and collaboration apps affect network performance and how IT pros can best manage UC now.

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  • Avoid network traffic jams with Hyper-V Port Mirroring

    Worried about network performance in your multilayered virtual networking architecture? Microsoft is making network traffic monitoring easier with Hyper-V Port Mirroring. Continue Reading

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