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  • August 08, 2017 08 Aug'17

    What to expect from Okta Oktane 2017

    Enterprise identity form Okta is staging its annual Oktane user, customer, partner and Okta developer conference in Las Vegas later this August 2017 - hashtag #Oktane17. Okta is an authentication ...

  • July 28, 2017 28 Jul'17

    Azure App Service Isolated caters to enterprise security concerns

    Azure App Service Isolated brings dedicated space and broadens the reach of Microsoft's PaaS offering to assuage enterprises wary of public cloud.

  • July 24, 2017 24 Jul'17

    What is a progressive web app?

    Build once, deploy everywhere. We've heard it all before haven't we? Discussion now surfaces on a 'new' type of application. One that is being the progressive web app (or PWA, if you must). So what ...

  • May 09, 2017 09 May'17

    ServiceNow wraps intelligent automation platform with web-based apps

    ServiceNow has moved into markets where it will be the underdog, and its success will depend on how well the new apps leverage the company's core automation engine.

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  • Trend Micro OfficeScan endpoint protection software and its offerings

    Expert contributor Ed Tittel takes a look at Trend Micro OfficeScan, an endpoint protection product with antivirus and antimalware functionality for physical and virtualized endpoints. Continue Reading

  • An in-depth look into McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection

    McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection is an antimalware protection product that is designed to secure Windows systems against malware, data loss and other threats in standalone or networked environments. Continue Reading

  • Advancements already push the future of HCI in surprising directions

    With a technology as new as hyper-converged infrastructure, it seems odd to be talking about the likelihood of significant changes in its development. Still, the future of HCI is beginning to take shape in ways that are more than mere incremental adjustments. Change is on its way -- and it looks like it's in a hurry.

    How can it be that the next wave of HCI innovation is already rolling in? Are the standard HCI product offerings already about to be overtaken?

    The cover story in this issue of Modern Infrastructure looks at these questions, examining how container-driven bundles and pay-as-you-go options could change how the future of HCI takes shape. If such innovations don't supplant the standard HCI appliance business model, they may at least create fresh approaches to HCI delivery and support.

    HCI has won early acceptance more quickly that many predicted, and vendors sense a big opportunity ahead. To capitalize, they are looking to address some of the key objections potential buyers raise. Greater flexibility in how HCI is configured and sold could be welcome news to IT organizations put off by the current options. And the ability to pay for what's being used as opposed to what's built into a particular appliance could change the minds of some skeptical decision-makers.

    Startups in the still-young market are looking to distinguish themselves by modeling their offerings on cloud services and incorporating container technologies. Vendors seen as the established players in the market may already be looking over their shoulders.

    Hyper-converged infrastructure isn't a traditional IT product, so maybe it makes sense that the future of HCI will veer from the expected path.

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