10, no…11 questions to ask when choosing a technology media partner

Peter Ross

VP, Corporate Marketing

Choosing the right technology media partner may be as simple as knowing the right questions to ask.

As a technology marketer, we recognize that you have specific marketing goals and a wide range of options and strategies to address these business requirements. We want to ensure you make every marketing dollar count so you can maximize demand and brand awareness with only the most serious technology buyers. Based on the tough and competitive economic climate, it’s critically important to partner with someone who can provide you with the most targeted content, engaged audience and reliable solutions. As you narrow down your short list of potential media partners, take a moment to ask your potential media partner this set of questions to help you better identify how they deliver results so you can make the best choice for your business. Because we just couldn’t narrow it down, this list goes to 11. And let’s face it, 11 is just plain better than 10:

  1. Do all of the leads in your program come directly from your media partner or do they outsource through outside partners?
  2. Does your media partner use telemarketing to generate online leads for your programs?
  3. Does your media partner use raffles, sweepstakes or other financial incentives to get users to register for your content?
  4. Are you 100 % sure your messaging and content is being promoted in only serious Enterprise IT environments?
  5. Have you fully audited your media partner’s content environment?
  6. Can you scale  programs beyond  the US or do you outsource to partners / licensees?
  7. What level of intelligence do you provide with all of the leads you deliver?
  8. Can you help me pinpoint active projects and opportunities for my organization?
  9. Do you provide leads on a spreadsheet or full intelligence about each of the contacts and their buying teams?
  10. What differentiates the technology content you provide on your network?
  11. How do you monitor performance and ensure the success of my marketing programs?

Are there any other questions you would add?

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