2007 Prediction: Online Video Ads

Over the last week, we have seen many marketers publish their 2007 marketing trends.

A recent BtoB article, Top trends for 2007: Marketers’ influence grows even as customers demand more control of the message proclaims there will be a boom in online video ads. By 2010, spending on online video ads will reach $2.9 billion, eMarketer projected. However, for 2007, eMarketers states that online video ads will make up only 4.2% of total online advertising in the U.S. next year.

At TechTarget, we have been investigating the use of online videos. We have also seen more and more interest from our clients.

Online video is another step on engaging with a prospect to shorten the sales customer. As we launch into 2007, marketers are looking at ways to create dialogue with their customers. Online videos can be an effective way to measure engagement levels.

Are you planning on utilizing online videos in your 2007 marketing plans?

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