Tracking Towards the Same Goal: 3 Tips for Better MarTech Implementation and Adoption by Both Sales and Marketing

MarTech Implementation

Look, I know what you must be thinking: “Oh no, yet another blog post about Marketing and Sales misalignment … What more can be said on this topic?”. But even […]

Four Secrets to Harness the Power of Intent Data

Intent data adoption

Many B2B organizations are beginning to harness the power of intent data to optimize their go-to-market strategy and reach buying teams in ways they have never been able to before. […]

4 Tips to Help Partner Marketers Leverage Generative AI: Advice from Dell Technologies’ Cheryl Cook

Partner marketers

In a freshly published Enterprise Strategy Group study, Marketing tops the list of areas where companies are applying GenAI with 35% of respondents currently using it and 45% seeing future […]

Guiding the B2B Technology Buyer’s Journey: 4 Key Takeaways for Partner Marketers

Partner Marketers

During BrightTALK’s event, Reach: Intent. Content. Demand., Michael Latchford (VP, Strategic Alliances & Partner Marketing at TechTarget) hosted a panel discussion entitled Guiding the IT Buying Journey: Strategies for Partner […]

Factors to Consider when Selecting Lead Gen Campaign Content

high-quality content

According to TechTarget’s Media Consumption & Vendor Engagement Study, 92% of buyers report they are more likely to engage with a tech vendor who has helped educate them on a […]

How to Align Lead Gen Content and Messaging to Target Personas

lead gen content

Creating target personas helps marketers tailor their content and messaging to resonate with a specific group of people that are a good fit for their solution. By understanding the needs […]

3 Steps to Make the Most of Your Partner Marketing Budget in 2024

Partner Marketing Budget

As 2024 planning ramps up, partner marketing leaders in B2B tech are under more pressure than ever to create pipeline and demonstrate ROI despite lean teams, tight budgets and shifting […]

Selecting the Right Lead Gen Content Mix Across the Buying Cycle

Lead gen content mix

In lead gen, what types of content resonate the most with your audience? Is it white papers? Webinars? Analyst reports from Enterprise Strategy Group or Gartner? The answer isn’t one […]

The Importance of Selecting High-Quality Content for Lead Gen Campaigns

Content for lead gen

One of the most important aspects of your lead gen campaign is having high-quality content. Quality supersedes content type, length or mix regardless of your target audience or market. You […]

Sealing the Deal with Compelling CTAs: Good (and Bad!) Examples 

Email CTAs

In part one of this series, we delved into strategies for creating effective subject lines. Now, let’s discuss how to tie your message together with a compelling and persuasive call […]

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