3 things technology marketers should be thankful for

Garrett Mann
Garrett Mann

Director, Content Marketing

3turkeysTomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US. Before we get to a day full of stuffing our faces with Turkey, watching football, making awkward small talk with that weird uncle or aunt, and taking a nap, it is time to take pause and think about some of the things that we as technology marketers should be thankful for. Following are three things that not only help us marketers keep our job security, but showcase the importance of marketing as a whole:

  1. The importance of marketing to the company – I read an article in this month’s Harvard Business Review titled “Marketing is strategy” which talked about how a company’s value is no longer tied to upstream activity and its products but on marketing and downstream activity: “The critical focus of both value and competitive advantage increasingly resides in the marketplace rather than within a company.” In essence, how you communicate with your customers and prospects at large is more valuable than the products you deliver. While I am not certain I buy this notion completely, it certainly does convey the fact that good marketing gives you an advantage. Bear with me while I try to illustrate the power of marketing more plainly: Your constituents can’t share your products, but they can share your brand and messaging, which in turn, makes your products more valuable.
  2. The importance of marketing to the sales organization – You have all no doubt heard the statistic that, on average, B2B buyers complete 60% of purchasing decision before even speaking to a vendor . If they won’t speak to you during this time, how can you possibly expect to sell them anything? You can’t, but your marketing can. And guess what, when they are finally ready to talk to sales, their buddies in the marketing department will be able to tell them all about what that prospect needs because of the wonder of marketing intelligence. Old school marketing used to mean just passing leads. New school marketing involves passing intelligence and it is helping to create tighter alignment with sales and fuel data-driven decisions to better engage prospects.
  3. The importance of marketing to global expansion – According to Forrester, technology spending will grow in every major region in the world in 2014 besides the US which will remain mostly flat. As a result, many technology companies are looking to international markets, especially key emerging markets, to fuel business growth and acquire new customers. When entering and establishing your brand and solutions in new markets, there is nothing more important than marketing. Your success in convincing new prospects and customers that you are a viable choice for them rests squarely on the ability to demonstrate that you can speak their language.

Feast on those then take a moment to let us know what you are thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving.

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