Four reasons to attend the TechTarget Boston ROI Summit

Peter Ross

VP, Corporate Marketing

As a tech marketer, I’ve spent much of my career managing marketing programs at a big blue chip tech company followed by a few years at a smaller tech start-up. While there were many similarities in my role and responsibilities at both companies – the differences between the two companies were night and day. To name a few: size of our marketing budget, size of the marketing team, level of brand awareness with prospects and our alignment with sales. If you’ve ever worked as a marketer in both a large and small company environment you quickly realize there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Understanding these differences helped drive our decision to host two distinct event days at this year’s Boston ROI Summit for tech marketers. OnlineROISummit_Bos2013_Slider-4

We’ve all been to enough B2B marketing conferences to know that a one-size-fits-all approach to the content, speakers and presentations isn’t practical. You leave the event thinking, “while I learned some cool stuff my (pick one: my small or my big) company could never pull off these complicated strategies.” So to help you get the marketing tips, case studies and perspectives that apply best to your company’s size, we’ve designed and tailored content sessions you can bring to your everyday marketing to help you reach your goals more effectively and efficiently.

In past years, I attended several ROI Summits as a TechTarget customer and took away a lot of great information to help me become a more effective marketer. Now, as TechTarget’s VP of marketing, I’ve had the opportunity to personally participate in several of these events, and get much more tuned in to what resonates with an audience of tech marketers and what doesn’t. I’d like to share at least 4 reasons (among many), why you should join us this year:

1. Content event day that matches YOUR company size. The event content is made by tech marketers for tech marketers, so it specifically caters to you and the size of your company. If you work in marketing a large global company, Day 1 is for you. If you are responsible for marketing at a start-up or smaller emerging company, then Day 2 is a great fit for you.

2. Real-world marketing. Marketing is a team sport. Listen to and meet your marketing peers as they share their marketing case studies and recommendations that you can put to work in your marketing strategies.

3. Meet and network with people who can help you. Marketing is a small world. Tech marketing is a smaller world. Tech marketing in Boston is a very, very small world. It’s your chance to meet your peers, see some former colleagues and learn what they are doing and how they are doing it and maybe exchange a few business cards.

4. Come visit our HQ. It’s your chance to visit TechTarget’s HQ in Newton and spend quality time with your marketing, account management and client consulting teams. Our marketing experts are all available to share best practices answer all of your tech marketing questions.

There are a lot more reasons than these, but I wanted to make the point that you should plan to join us for one of the two days that best suits your needs. Let me boil it down: if you are responsible for marketing at a large or mid-size company ( > $50M revenue) then I would recommend you attend Day 1 of the event. If your company is a smaller, emerging company in rapid growth mode (< $50M revenue) then Day 2 is probably a better fit for you to attend.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the upcoming Boston ROI Summit for tech marketers, drop me a line. See you at the Summit!

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