5 Expert Tips for Recovery and Growth in B2B Marketing and Sales

Paige Pollard

Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

GettyImages-94174522In these times of uncertainty, it’s understandably easy to veer off course or be unsure of what lies on the path ahead. In the early stages of the pandemic, many B2B marketing and sales teams were concerned with how to quickly pivot strategies and tactics to keep their businesses on track. Many months later, now that we’ve begun adjusting to the new way of operating (and living), we can start to shift our attention from survival mode and looking for ways to grow and move forward.

These 5 resources from trusted experts, analysts and research will help marketers and sellers turn their attention to recovery and growth by focusing on what really matters: customer success; better alignment of teams, content and messaging; and applying the right data to understand what your buyers really need during these times.

5 resources to guide B2B Marketing and Sales teams on the path to recovery and growth

Destination CRM | Customer Loyalty and COVID-19: Make Loyalty Your Top Priority Before It’s Too Late

We’re a number of months into the pandemic at this point and still feeling the effects of it  in sales and marketing.  A big focus right now is customers. When you consider that it costs 5x more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an older one (source: Forbes), it makes sense to put a lot of focus on retaining and tending to our existing customers. Michael Mathias, CEO of Whereoware advises organizations to specifically focus on personalization to gain customer loyalty.

TOPO | Responding to a Crisis: A New Revenue Framework

We can’t shift our attention from survival mode to recovery mode without a plan. Craig Rosenberg, Co-founder and Chief Analyst at TOPO shares a three-phase strategic framework to help companies grow revenue and bounce back from a crisis event (such as the COVID-19 pandemic that we’re experiencing now).

MarketOne | Virtual Progress: How 2020 is bringing B2B marketing and sales closer together

Several months into Covid-19, many of the stop-gap measures put in place have evolved into changes that will impact B2B sales and marketing long term. This new research takes a look at changes and improvements high performance teams are making to navigate forward.

Forrester | Steering into the Skid, Part Two: Marketing Operations Considerations for Redirecting Spend in a Sudden Market Disruption

According to Brett Kahnke, Principal Analyst, Marketing Operations of Forrester, data-driven marketing teams are more likely to weather the storm when unexpected challenges hit. Check out his considerations around existing B2B marketing spend – both for fully data-driven teams and those still learning the ropes.

Demand Gen Report | Examining the Post-COVID Buyer’s Journey

“You need to re-think your entire marketing strategy based on the new post-COVID buyer’s journey,” says Cheri Keith of ON24. She shares how to navigate this new world including getting your messaging down and engaging through the right channels with the right content.

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