5 Key Takeaways from the TechTarget ROI Summit in San Francisco

Peter Ross

VP, Corporate Marketing

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TechTarget ROI SummitThanks to all the Bay Area tech marketers who attended our annual TechTarget ROI Summit event. This day in particular is a highlight every year because it’s an opportunity to spend quality time and connect with our customers, meet some new faces and exchange the latest trends and best practices in our field. In a world of emails, texts and tweets — this event always serves as a good reminder of why it’s so important to meet with your peers face-to-face to build more personal connections and collaborative relationships. As a result, the TechTarget ROI Summit has evolved into a tech marketers reunion, in addition to a hands-on learning experience. One attendee made a point of mentioning that he looks forward to the Summit every year because he actually “gets to see and meet the people he only communicates with online.”

5 Key Summit Takeaways for Tech Marketers

Techtarget ROI Summit takeawaysBased on feedback we received from many attendees (and from their stream of tweets on #TTGTSummit both during and following the Summit), it was a very productive event with lots of actionable content and interaction between presenters and audience, as well as plenty of networking discussions taking place throughout the day.  Whether you were able to attend, or you weren’t able to join us, I wanted to share 5 key takeaways to help re-cap some of the main points that were discussed by the presenters and panelists:

  1. Technology Buying is a team sport and the team members are all over the map – No single title controls the entire technology buying process – it is truly a team decision. Beware of focusing on only one title as this can limit your influence with other members of the buying team, or lead to missed opportunities.
  2. Not all buyers are created equal; thus there is no one-size-fits-all approach to your content marketingTake the time to build your personas to more effectively reach your targets. Adjust the message of your content to resonate with the challenges, goals and pain points of each persona.
  3. In research mode, your buyers expect you to be where they are, when they are thereEnable your content to drive deeper engagement by using smarter, more targeted and more immediate calls to action.
  4. Account-Based Marketing; time to take it seriously – Think beyond individual leads on a spreadsheet to build and tell a story at the account level in order to more effectively surround the account.
  5. Sales needs project intelligence and marketers need to deliver it to them – Audit the data you have, identify the data you need, and build an account-based view of the intelligence that matters. Combine that with hands-on sales training on how to hone  sales tactics to leverage project intelligence for a more customized sales engagement.

What Did You Takeaway?

Hopefully the 5 items listed above are helpful, but don’t just take my word for it – through the power of Twitter, here’s some more advice tweeted directly from a couple of customers and attendees (all feedback and conversations can be found here) about some of the things they took away from the event.

If you attended the TechTarget ROI Summit in San Francisco and we haven’t yet heard from you, feel free to share your perspective in the comment section below about some of these or other takeaways that you plan to put to use in your marketing strategies and programs. We’re always interested to get your insight on what content is helpful to you and your team.

We look forward to seeing and hearing from more tech marketers throughout the year. If you have any marketing and sales colleagues in Europe, please be sure to share this link on our upcoming TechTarget ROI Summit events coming in early June to London, Paris and Munich.  Whether you attended or plan to attend one of our future Summit events, we always appreciate your feedback and suggestions for the type of content and sessions you would be interested in seeing.  We hope to see you at our next ROI Summit.

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