A Case for Video Advertising

With video content on MySpace and YouTube receiving significant traction in the consumer space, this is a convenient time to consider where video content fits into the BtoB landscape.  And more specifically, does video have a significant role to play in IT media?

If you ask me, video has huge potential for IT professionals and our experience shows they eat it up.  With constant exposure to long, written documents, such as product collateral and (gasp) technical manuals, it’s obvious why engaging video content is such a strong new medium.

So what does this mean for you as IT marketers?  I’m hearing from that many of you do not have available video ad units to run today, but that will change in the coming months. Still, some recent articles have implied there are greater obstacles to embracing the ad format.

How about the insertion of sponsored video clips that are highly contextual to the underlying content?  Would that ability make you more likely to develop video ads?

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