About “My Educated Guess”

You and I face marketing questions every minute of the day – from branding and positioning to lead generation issues. And, you may have noticed by now, that the perfect answer never becomes any clearer.  Most often based on actual trial and error, we are just making educated guesses. The more experienced we become, hopefully, the more educated the guesses become as well.

Meeting other marketers, as I often do in my position, we tend to have long discussions and email strings about what works and what fails.  I have often wished I could capture these conversations to remember and build on them when a new situation comes up. Now, I think I’ve found a way.

I created this blog with my client consulting team to share some of the decisions we, and our clients, have made in marketing to enterprise IT audiences.

My hope is that by sharing experiences and conversations with you – and reading your responses – we will both make more educated guesses and come up with the right answers.

Marilou Barsam

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