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APAC’s only event focused exclusively on helping B2B tech marketing and sales teams accelerate their progress.

The 10th annual edition of the event in region will be entirely virtual, giving you the opportunity to learn from your peers without leaving your desk. Over a 5-week period TechTarget is hosting a series of live webinars focused on some of the most pressing issues facing B2B technology organisations, sharing advice directly from those who walk in your shoes.



Session descriptions:

12 August 2020

3pm AEST, 1pm SGT, 10:30am IST

Realise the Full Potential of ABM

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    Hosted by: Jon Panker, TechTarget APAC Managing Director, and Petra Markova, Founder and Director of Redvantage

    Guest Speakers:
    Natalie Mendes, Head of Account Based Marketing (ABM) for Strategic and Large Enterprise Customers – APAC, SAS
    Ben Hancock, Senior Account Executive, SAS

    You’d be hard pressed to find a B2B tech company that doesn’t have an account-based marketing strategy. Most practitioners would admit that ABM isn’t easy and requires a carefully orchestrated sales and marketing collaboration. In a session run by one of Australia’s leading ABM consultants, we’ll take a look at the keys to ensuring an ABM initiative yields closer client relationships and more revenue. From the strategic to the tactical, you’ll hear tales from the field designed to speed deals, increase lifetime customer value and identify cross-sell opportunities.

19 August 2020

3pm AEST, 1pm SGT, 10:30am IST

Integrating Intent – Is it possible to get a ‘single source of truth’

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    Hosted by: Meaghan Nichols, TechTarget Senior Client Consultant

    Guest Speakers:
    Hardeep Singh, Senior Manager, Marketing Programs APJ, VMware
    Tania Mushtaq, Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific and Japan, Dell Boomi
    Greg Wood, Global Head of Marketing, Data and Analytics, Asia Pacific, SAS

    Intent data comes from a variety of sources. There’s information you directly observe – interactions on your own website, with your content or at your events. There is also information that third parties share based on what they’re observing or collecting. Can you really combine this into a single source of prospect data that’s actionable for marketing and sales teams? We’ll explore that issue with two different organisations that are accomplishing this and leveraging it to efficiently turn data into pipeline.

26 August 2020

3pm AEST, 1pm SGT, 10:30am IST

The Data Driven Sales Rep: Enabling B2B reps to connect & convert more through intent data

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    Hosted by Greg Anderson, TechTarget APAC VP of Sales

    Guest Speakers:
    Eugene Leaw, Inside Sales Hub Leader – South Asia, North Asia, Korea, Splunk
    William Sloss, Senior Business Development Representative, Mimecast
    Matthew Steele, Director Inside Sales – APJ, Dell Boomi

    At a time when face-to-face engagement is incredibly limited, successful B2B tech sales reps are relying on pre-purchase intent data to know which prospects to contact, when to reach them and how to engage them. In this session you’ll learn from B2B sales leaders on how sales teams can be more effective by leveraging data, both internal and external, to connect with and convert more customers. Among the questions we’ll address are:

    • What is data-driven sales
    • What are common sources of data
    • How can different sales functions leverage data
    • Why is this data important to sales
    • Why is it important to customers

2 Sept 2020

3pm AEST, 1pm SGT, 10:30am IST

Updated IT Priorities: Who’s Buying What in APAC

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    Hosted by Aaron Tan, TechTarget APAC Executive Editor and Jon Brown, TechTarget Global Publisher

    Guest Speakers:
    Dan Beeston, IT Manager, Juniper – a Uniting Church Community
    Nigel Lim, Regional IT Manager at one of Japan’s largest trading companies

    The pandemic has undoubtedly caused organisations to take another look at their IT purchasing priorities. At TechTarget, we have been closely tracking buying behaviour. We even re-fielded our annual IT Priorities survey to gauge which planned purchases are moving forward and which are not, as well as identify new spending imperatives. This session, run by two B2B technology thought leaders, will help tech marketing teams understand how to align with refocused priorities and shed light on how today’s buying teams are gathering information to make smart decisions.

9 Sept 2020

3pm AEST, 1pm SGT, 10:30am IST

Archer Award Presentation: Honouring B2B Tech Marketing and Sales Excellence

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    Hosted by Jon Panker, TechTarget APAC Managing Director and Greg Anderson, TechTarget APAC VP of Sales

    TechTarget’s Archer Awards recognise excellence in our industry across several categories, such as outstanding work in ABM, demand generation, sales enablement and brand advertising. This year we’ll present the awards as a series of quick case studies so attendees can see how each program was architected and why it’s worthy of recognition. We’ll also honour the Digital Marketer of the Year. Join us as we celebrate – and learn from – your peers! You’ll be sure to walk away ideas on how to better identify and influence your top prospects.

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