The only European event focused solely on B2B tech sales and marketing teams making the transition to activity-driven marketing.

For our 11th annual London ROI Summit, the team is building the focus and event delivery toward showing and giving our attendees practical and effective usage of activity to drive sales, analytics, brand SOV and ROI.

In addition, TechTarget EMEA is pleased to announce the opening of nominations for our first annual Archer Awards, presenting recognition to great marketing and sales leadership and campaign delivery.


Please join us for our 11th annual London ROI Summit to:

  • Hear from tech sales and marketing thought leaders on how they have achieved synergy through activity-driven data in their company
  • Network with 100+ of your technology sales and marketing peers
  • Get actionable advice on how to use quality data to build effective email marketing campaigns, better enable sales attribution, and strengthen your ABM strategy
  • Participate in our annual EMEA Archer Awards

Banking Hall

Banking Hall is an art-deco gem. With an enviable location in the heart of London, this elegant and beautiful space is the ultimate unique venue.


Friday, 6th March, 2020

09:00 – 09:05


09:05 – 09:30

Keynote: From Prospects to You, Activity Matters

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    People buy, not personas. Behavioural targeting has fundamentally changed the way we buy. From Amazon to Sainsburys, we expect companies to understand our needs and respond to them in real-time. While shifts across technlogy landscapes make it harder to identify stakeholders, we are taxed with being more available and more inline with buyer needs.

    This presentation from TechTarget CEO, Mike Cotoia, brings real audience engagement and follow-up stats to reflect on today’s new buying team dynamic to look at the real buyers actively looking to purchase your [B2B] solutions today.

09:30 – 10:15

Tales from the Field:  Citrix

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    Featuring Barry Magee, Director of Business Intelligence, Citrix

    Launched the beginning of 2019, the Citrix Edison Project had a standard optimal objective to serve as a tool set that would give sales the best use cases and data for follow-up within a large account-based marketing structure. Barry Magee, the architect and creator of the Edison Project, brought to use TechTarget’s Priority Engine data along with HG Insights to back the activity of the accounts’ rankings.

    In this presentation, Barry will be diving into the project including showing the Edison Project tool and how they’re using the data to see success for Citrix. Sales and marketing alike will be drawn into this session to see how activity-driven data has been used to achieve ROI.

10:15 – 10:20

Priority Engine Roadmap

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    Featuring Colin Mitchell, Senior Director of Priority Engine, EMEA, TechTarget

    Five minute update on the 2020 outlook for Priority Engine. Great update on what you can expect and look forward to from TechTarget.

10:20 – 10:40


10:40 – 11:20

Data-Driven purpose and inside sales [Panel]

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    Moderated by: Jat Hayer, Vice President of Sales, EMEA, TechTarget

    Andy Gillies, Business Development Manager, RingCentral
    Chloe Bradshaw, Network & Security Specialist, VMware
    Robert Shepard, Business Development for EMEA, Digital Realty
    James Galvin, Core Client Partner, Dell EMC

    Sales and Marketing collaboration still ranks as one of the top challenges for marketers as we enter 2020. We bring together a strong, senior panel of experts in the sales B2B IT industry to help answer the questions that marketing, and sales alike, are looking for on how to hit their goals for the year.

    • How does sales uses data from marketing?
    • What drives the best alignment between the teams?
    • What can marketing can do to help sales see engagement from data-driven campaigns?
    • How does data-driven alignment work best for sales to use for strong ROI?

11:20 – 11:40

Tales from the Field:  Nokia

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    Moderated by: Voula Hantziantonakis, Senior Customer Success Manager, EMEA, TechTarget
    Speaker: Zsuzsanna Blau, Senior Manager, Global Enterprise Marketing Campaigns, Nokia

    Two themes keep marketers engaged at our ROI Summits year-after-year: best practices for email nurturing and account-based marketing. Zsuzsanna Blau has been running and working on this for Nokia for the last three plus years with great success to share. In this interview, come watch Zsuzsanna explain how she works through complicated cadence streams, landing pages and copy optimisations to gain ROI and net new opportunities for her ever-changing target market.

11:40 – 12:20

Running a top-notch integrated campaign [Panel]

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    Moderated by: Brent Boswell, SVP of International, TechTarget

    Phill McIlwee, UK Paid Media Manager, Rackspace
    Faisal Mahmud, Head of Digital Performance, formerly Tata Communications
    Kalpna Patel, Marketing Operations Consultant EMEA, Dell Boomi
    Romain Doutriaux, EMEA Marketing Director, Dataiku

    Integration is more important than ever in a digital and activity-driven marketing environment. As marketers, we know how the story and pitch must unfold through communications, markets, social, content, positioning, sales, integration, follow-up and tracking. If one doesn’t work or falls through, the value might be lost and, as such, we lose the data and point-in-time momentum that our work has obtained.

    Integration also equals an “always on” approach in which every angle is constantly driven – it is not a campaign, but a new way of market dynamic that we adjust and turn as we weave through our marketing objectives throughout the year. It is social, it is visualization, it is content marketing and messaging – all of it makes the data and our follow-up very important.

    How do marketers navigate through these vast challenges, and what are the most important aspects of these that has really brought results to a campaign? We ask our senior marketing panel the hard questions.

12:20 – 12:40

Tales from the Field, Proofpoint

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    Moderated by: Lindsay Jubb, Account Director, EMEA, TechTarget
    Speaker: Monica Vaz, Marketing Operations & Demand Generation Director, Proofpoint

    As marketers, the journey to success is paved with obstacles and challenges at every turn. We know that learning from our peers is a key differentiator between a good marketing team and a great marketing team.

    In our final Tales from the Field, we talk with Monica Vaz from Proofpoint about her 12-month journey in developing a marketing and sales structure that collaborates toward success.

12:40 – 13:00

EMEA 2019-2020 Archer Awards

13:00 – 14:00



Hear from technology marketing experts

Barry Magee

Director of Business Intelligence,

Zsuzsanna Blau

Senior Manager, Global Enterprise Marketing Campaigns, Nokia

Monica Vaz

Marketing Operations & Demand Generation Director, Proofpoint

Kalpna Patel

Marketing Operations Consultant EMEA, Dell Boomi

Phill McIlwee

UK Paid Media Manager,

Romain Doutriaux

EMEA Marketing Director,

Mike Cotoia


Faisal Mahmud

Head of Digital Performance, formerly Tata Communications

Chloe Bradshaw

Network & Security Specialist,

James Galvin

Core Client Partner
Dell EMC

Andy Gillies

Business Development Manager, RingCentral

Robert Shepard

Business Development for EMEA,
Digital Realty

Brent Boswell

Senior Vice President, International, TechTarget

Colin Mitchell

Senior Director of Priority Engine, EMEA, TechTarget

Jat Hayer

Vice President of Sales, EMEA, TechTarget

Voula Hantziantonakis

Senior Customer Success Manager, EMEA, TechTarget

Lindsay Jubb

Account Director, EMEA, TechTarget


Banking Hall
Banking Hall 14, Cornhill, London EC3V 3ND

Marketers think they have seen it all and know it all – the Summit is a reminder that we don’t!”

– Director of Marketing, Paxata

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