TechTarget’s audience is born

TechTarget spins out of United Communications Group (UCG). At a time when the existing technology content landscape consists mostly of news and features, TechTarget’s founding “big idea” is that IT professionals in large enterprises are highly specialized. They need high-quality, in-depth, fiercely independent content—online—to help make critical purchase decisions.


Better results, guaranteed

To gain access to our most valuable content, researchers register with TechTarget and provide us explicit marketing permission. By crafting our editorial to support purchase decision making, we surface real buyers’ journeys. This makes it possible to offer client enterprise tech’s first guaranteed lead generation service


Laser-guided marketing and sales

As tech continues to morph and specialize, our editors cover evolving considerations. We refine content tagging to better understand what it says about a reader, thus providing unrivaled targeting accuracy and messaging precision.


Scaling new heights

Building on the value-creation momentum of the TechTarget content engine, we invest aggressively in our Activity Intelligence™ database platform for scale, laying the groundwork to directly support new avenues of value delivery for data-hungry clients.


First real purchase intent offering

Packaged for immediate end-user adoption, the first real purchase intent data product is released as Qualified Sales Opportunities™. By enriching verified project details with unprecedented information granularity on buyers’ installation and feature/function preferences, the offering fills a huge gap in the marketing-to-sales handoff.


Behavioral data breaks out

With the launch of Priority Engine™, TechTarget rounds out the IT Deal Alert™ product suite and opens the door to full-fledged real purchase intent-based marketing and sales effectiveness gains for our clients.


Award-winning business solutions for our clients

Unprecedented customer acceptance combined with broad leadership recognition from the analyst community and awards from business and editorial industry organizations set the stage for the next decade of innovation.

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