Avoid the obstacles — adopt social media marketing in your company

A recent BtoB study titled “Emerging Trends in B-to-B Social Media Marketing: Insights From the Field,” indicates that 93% of b2b marketers are engaged to some extent in social media marketing.  Twenty-six percent of respondents to BtoB’s survey cited LinkedIn as their most important social channel, followed by Facebook (20%), blogging (19%), customer communities (14%) and YouTube (7%).

Survey participants indicated that social sites are useful overall in supporting branding efforts, although different channels are considered to have their own unique strengths. LinkedIn, for example, was cited primarily for supporting lead generation.  Facebook was considered strong in promoting products and events.  Twitter was noted for its website traffic-building qualities.

With all this activity around social media marketing, companies should take advantage of using this media vehicle to aid with their overall branding and lead generation efforts, however some companies do come across obstacles when trying to adopt this strategy.   The B2b study then went on to explain three major obstacles seen when trying to adopt social media marketing in their company.  The single most pressing obstacle was due to “lack of resources,” cited by 70% of survey respondents.  Other hurdles uncovered were that 57% of respondents cited “poorly defined success metrics and key performance indicators” as preventing them from adopting this strategy in their organization.  Lastly, 44% indicated that “lack of knowledge about social media” was holding them and their companies back from adoption.

Social media is said to be one of the most powerful influencers on buyer behavior, and is “poised for hyper-growth,” according to B2B online.  According to a 2011 Social Media Marketing Trends blog post on Webbiquity, just 5% of Americans said they were familiar with Twitter in 2008; by the Fall of 2010, that figure was up to 87%, and Twitter is now adding 300,000 new users per day.  Facebook also added more than 150 million new users in 2010.

Has your company adopted social media marketing?   What are you waiting for?

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