Today’s Need for an Intelligence-Driven Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

Chris Rudnick Marketing Manager

Marketing activities generate data, but intelligence turns data into deals. The technology purchasing landscape has evolved and buyers have the ability to evaluate vendors with little interaction with sales. Because […]

Russian Doll content example
How to Create 14 Pieces of Content from a Single Idea

Chris Rudnick Marketing Manager

Content Marketing – Building Your Content Arsenal 8 months ago, TechTarget released its latest edition of its annual Media Consumption research report and uncovered numerous findings related to the research, […]

Latin America
Latin America: The Land of Opportunity for Tech Marketers [Infographic]

Chris Rudnick Marketing Manager

Latin America is a market with unmatched engagement possibilities for technology marketers With a large amount of competition in the more established IT markets of Europe and North America, technology […]

2013-14 Media Consumption Report: 6 Findings in 6(ish) Minutes [Video]

Chris Rudnick Marketing Manager

Many of the posts on this blog have referenced our latest Media Consumption Report, Content essentials for technology buying teams worldwide, to emphasize the changes in technology buyer research and purchasing […]

Visualization process
5 steps to strategic visualization during content creation: reversing a process to be more compelling

Vince Bitel VP of Creative Services

  The stampede of the infographic gold rush has left a lot of humble bar and pie charts littering the shoulders of the visualization trail. Are any of us sympathetic? […]

How context, utility, and portability are driving the new school of branding

Garrett Mann Director, Content Marketing

It is Fall and if you are like any of the millions of NFL fans like me, it means that most weeks, in addition to marketing, you have football on […]

Treat your prospects like customers and your customers like family….

Sandra Nangeroni Senior Director, Marketing & Sales Enablement

Converting leads to customers isn’t simple. At a high level, it starts with a lead, engaging them, nurturing them along the way until ultimately they buy from you and become […]

What if marketing had a “check engine” light?

Peter Ross VP, Corporate Marketing

I started my car this morning to head to work and the dreaded “check engine” light decided to turn on.  Aaaaaargh!  Not the best way to start my day, but […]

New Strategies for Marketing to IT Pros across APAC

Jon Panker

Over the last few years, the technology market in APAC has seen a significant shift in terms of how IT buyers conduct research and evaluate vendors in order to make […]