The 3 big things I learned from the TechTarget ROI Summit

Peter Ross VP, Corporate Marketing

Over the past two days we hosted our annual TechTarget ROI Summit at our headquarters just outside Boston. It’s our opportunity to share, connect and engage with local technology marketers […]

New Strategies for Marketing to IT Pros across APAC

Jon Panker

Over the last few years, the technology market in APAC has seen a significant shift in terms of how IT buyers conduct research and evaluate vendors in order to make […]

5 ways to turn your sales staff into social media superheroes

Chris Rudnick Marketing Manager

It’s no surprise, or at least I hope it isn’t a surprise by now, but business to business is becoming much more social by leveraging Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube […]

4 things you want to know about how Senior IT Executives do research

Courtney Kay VP of Field Marketing

If you’re building and/or executing a persona-based approach to your marketing (hint: by now, you should be) there’s little doubt that Executive IT has emerged as a target for your […]

3 Tips to Help You Speak the Language of Health IT Marketing

Stephanie Corby Publisher, Health IT Media

The health IT market is poised for major growth in the next few years and is slated to hit $3.9T by 2017, which is a compound annual growth rate of […]

Buyers have changed – why haven’t you?

Garrett Mann Director, Content Marketing

In IT, this a certain undeniable truth that has developed over the last number of years: THE BUYER IS IN CONTROL. I know it, you know it, the buyers know […]

Getting content from content

Courtney Kay VP of Field Marketing

You’d basically have to live in a bubble to escape the superfluity of content marketing content getting published today (literally 18.1m Google results last I looked).   And if you’re following […]

Dispelling the myth of online lead marketplaces

Steve Niemiec SVP of Sales

The evolution of lead marketplaces are certainly interesting and something that we as marketers are seeing more and more of. Vendors are showing interest in what they perceive as an […]

It’s not about you……it’s about your customers

Sandra Nangeroni Senior Director, Marketing & Sales Enablement

Building good customer relationships takes persistence, effort and commitment.  Delivering knowledge and insight to customers is key to building and enhancing relationships. Sharing helpful tips and maintaining personal connections with clients […]

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