in-language content strategy in France
Why Marketers Must Develop In-Language Content for France (and Other European Regions)

Byrony Seifert VP of Marketing and Product Delivery, EMEA

Wait, the world isn’t fluent in English?  The nerve! Bonjour! Je m’appelle Byrony. Je suis Américaine. J’habite à Londres. 30 hours of French class this past couple of weeks and […]

marketing content audit image
How to Conduct an Effective Marketing Content Audit

Claire Decommer Marketing Manager France

In an online lead generation world, we talk a lot about content promotion as being a crucial element for success. However, it all starts with the content itself – your […]

tech marketer talks
Tech Marketer Talks: Supercharging Lead Nurturing and Sales Engagement with Priority Engine –

Sandra Nangeroni Senior Director, Marketing & Sales Enablement

is Vice President of Global Marketing at She oversees all facets of marketing and the beginning of the sales pipeline including demand gen, product marketing, brand, PR/AR and the […]

purchase intent data outpaces demographics
Why Purchase Intent Data Outpaces Demographics for Smart Marketers

Michelle Whitehouse Client Consulting Manager

Consumption is intentional; with a little bit of circumstance and serendipity thrown in. But without intention, there is nothing creating forward movement. As marketers, this is something that needs to […]

outsourced telemarketing questions
3 Questions to Ask Before Doing an Outsourced Telemarketing Lead Acquisition Campaign

Bill Crowley Executive Vice President, Data

Since account-based marketing (ABM) is such a hot topic, marketers feel pressure from sales teams (and the VP) to do something around target account penetration. In response, telemarketing has made a […]

twitter timeline
Why Twitter’s New Timeline is Good News for Savvy Social Marketers

Ben Rubenstein Sr. Manager, Social Media & Online Community

If you were paying attention to Twitter over the past month, you likely witnessed two classic rants from eccentric millionaires. Since Kanye West’s public therapy session/fund drive has been covered […]

modern digital marketer featured image
4 Challenges of the Modern Digital Marketer [Infographic]

Garrett Mann Senior Director, Corporate Communications

In today’s marketing landscape, there are a number of challenges that modern digital marketers face as it relates to shifting digital marketing strategies, data-driven marketing, adopting attribution models and how to […]

no telemarketing lead generation
Why International Agencies are Asking for “No Telemarketing” Lead Gen Campaigns

Bill Crowley Executive Vice President, Data

In the last few months, TechTarget Europe has received a rising number of lead generation briefs from savvy customers and agencies that say in big bold letters – “No Telemarketing.”  […]

Marketers Have a Right to Know Where Their Leads are Sourced From

Steve Niemiec Chief Revenue Officer

Do you know where your leads are? Does anyone remember those PSAs that used to run before the news – “Its, ten o’clock. Do you know where your children are?” […]

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