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Growth Market Confidential: Data Matched to Segmentation Insight Will Beat the Competition

Bill Crowley Executive Vice President, Data

Aggressive tech marketers know they could drive faster growth through more effective segment marketing, if they just had a critical mass of decent data for the segment. New market segment opportunity […]

real purchase intent insight
The Real Deal: The Power of Purchase Intent Insight – TAKE 5

Steve Niemiec SVP of Sales

As I have laid out in my previous posts on this subject, I have another new story to share about the power of purchase intent insight – this time relative to recent […]

purchase intent insights fishing
Finding Buyers with Purchase Intent Insight: Catch More Fish by Casting in the Right Waters

Steve Niemiec SVP of Sales

I am by no means an avid fisherman but what I do know is that how far you cast is not as important as where you throw the lure. The better […]

SAS digital demand
How 5 Clear Principles for Digital Demand Marketing Success Help the SAS Marketing Team Win in APAC

Sandra Nangeroni Senior Director, Marketing & Sales Enablement

Digital marketing is difficult. And with ever-more sophisticated MarTech stacks, multitudes of new data sources and challenging management expectations, it’s getting more complex every year. The good news is there’s […]

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The Real Deal: The Power of Purchase Intent Insight – TAKE 4

Steve Niemiec SVP of Sales

Those of you who have read my previous 3 posts learned how companies like Microsoft and Qlik have recently closed large scale deals in both the US and UK. More importantly, in […]