Blogging as a form of nurturing

Blogs are a great way to establish thought leadership amongst both current and prospective clients.  In a recent TechTarget Media Consumption Benchmark Report titled, “Closing the Gap between IT Buyers and IT Marketers,” this report uncovered that marketers and IT buyers find that information from unbiased sources (like blogs, online communities, and social networks) are more useful during the awareness and consideration stages of the buying process.  What better time to get in front of prospective buyers researching technology solutions than now?

Blogs could even be considered yet another vehicle in which organizations use to nurture  prospects with information needed to help them get closer to make a purchasing decision.   If your organization has not entered the world of blogging, now might be a good time to pursue this initiative, but before you do, make sure your blog content is worthy of attracting and keeping loyal followers.

A recent blog post from March 2010 titled, “5 Ways to Write a Killer B2B Blog post” talks about key strategies for writing blog posts, like making a list.  These are very effective in that they are easily scanned and readers know exactly what they are getting when they read further.  Examples I would suggest to come of my clients would include posts titled, “Ten Signs That You Need a Server,”   “Top 10 Reasons for a Server Refresh,” and “Five Best Practices to Optimize Server Infrastructure Costs with Virtualization.”   Other tips include playing off current events like a recent technology conference / trade show, or even leveraging someone else’s thoughts.

While this doesn’t cover every concept that could be used for a B2B blogging strategy, these are just some ideas that have proven to be successful for organizations.  Has your organization entered the Blogosphere, and what is your strategy?

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