Complement your own capabilities

Our clients seek better balance between what they do themselves and who can help them reach objectives faster. TechTarget provides a simpler route to better marketing, powered by real purchase intent insight.

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Clients know a martech stack is just the beginning. We offer a broad array of proven tactical options designed to solve specific technology marketer needs. Our experience perfecting these tactics enables clients to offload effort to us, allowing them to apply more focus to other areas needing attention.

The market moves fast. It’s time to act.

Our best clients know they need agility. The more responsive they can be to what’s going on right now in the market, the better they can compete. Yet, complexity can get in the way. Working with us, they achieve both better strategy and shorter response time for their business.


marketing programs managed each year by our marketing experts

A simpler way forward.

If you don’t or can’t move as fast as the market, you risk falling behind. A plan created at the beginning of the quarter can’t be as effective as one honed weekly using purchase intent insight. We give you both the facts and the support you need to drive improvement—fast.

Our clients find the real breakthrough comes when Sales colleagues understand exactly what Marketing is doing and why. It starts with prescriptive guidance from real purchase intent insights that Marketing and Sales can align on. Momentum builds as our Customer Consulting and Customer Success teams help execute and optimize strategy and programs based on this shared visibility.

Tactics driving partnership:

  • Sales and Marketing alignment happens when both teams can use the same information in mutually reinforcing activities.
  • Optimized resourcing comes when you can shift your own resources to critical areas within your team.
  • Speed and scale are achieved by combining the right tactical capabilities with proven strategic and operational support.


Solutions built for tech marketer needs

  • Purchase intent insights
  • Account based marketing (ABM) strategies
  • Integrated strategies
  • Demand generation
  • Brand consideration
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Services for sustained success

Global consulting access, included when you work with TechTarget, helps optimize your programs. Support from Marketing Operations ensures desired outcomes.

Different from agencies and other service providers, our offerings come with services built in. When you partner with us, you gain immediate access to our team of strategic advisors who help shape your programs from the start, leveraging all the insight and resources TechTarget brings to bear.

Likewise, we provide a staff of Marketing Operations professionals to help you execute flawlessly. While each aspect of tactical expertise has a team that supports it, you have a single point of contact to meet your needs.

Full-range support for marketers

Strategic insights

  • Vendor market opportunities and messaging suggestions
  • Up-to-date research on media consumption trends
  • Assessing strategic brand challenges, tactics and returns
  • International marketing advice strategies for the field

Operational guidance

  • Creative audit/content gap analysis (based on market and customer state)
  • Content quality assessments, persona validation and buying team dynamics
  • Competitive assessments, messaging and media recommendations
  • User experience auditing and marketing stack assessments
  • Conversion point definitions (MQL/SQL) and optimization

Tactical assurance

  • Customized project management, campaign architecting and optimization support
  • List management best practices, nurture strategies and scheduling advice
  • Account-based marketing assessments and content personalization recommendations
  • Content/creative development and localization
  • A/B testing, performance benchmarking and lead quality assurance
  • Integrated or custom reporting, custom API services