Considerations for Marketing to the Chinese Market

Recently, Melissa discussed the increase in online consumption in the UK. In its most recent global online spending outlook, Merrill Lynch predicts that global online ad spending will reach $11.6 Billion in 2006, an increase of 35% over 2005. Internationally, online spending growth rate is set to match consumption in the UK at 46%, but the highest growth rate by far is expected to be in China at 50%. Leveraging this growth can sometimes come at a price for online publishers and marketers alike. As businesses flock to leverage the tremendous potential in this market, marketers should be aware of challenges as well as the many localized factors that need to be taken into consideration before marketing in China. MarketingSherpa outlines a few here.

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  1. Garrett Mann


    Yes, this is the unfortunate downside of the tremendous opportunity within this market. Google as well as other properties have drawn much criticism for agreeing to censor search results. Wikipedia recently decided that the price was too high for them so they have been blocked unless they agree to censor.

    Do you have any specific experience that you can share about operating in the Chinese market?

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