Content-level marketing in practice

Last month Media Business (a BtoB publication) interviewed one of our product directors on our new email strategy that targets subscribers based on their topical interests. Not only does this focus represent a shift in TechTarget’s email strategy, it represents an overall shift in how we will organize our member database and then position media products and/or editorial content that they consume.

We are referring to this as “content-level targeting” also known as “contextual marketing” . As Agata cites in the article, targeting content accurately to an audience that has explicitly indicated interest in this topic has resulted in a 10% lift in raw leads from lists that are 30% to 60% smaller. The net take away from an ROI perspective is that we are seeing two times the normal response rate. So, even though the audiences are smaller because of their topical content interest, their interest level in our advertisers’ offers are actually much higher.

I wondered if anyone else has experimented with topical targeting and if you have experienced similar results?

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