How to Create 14 Pieces of Content from a Single Idea

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Russian Doll
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8 months ago, TechTarget released its latest edition of its annual Media Consumption research report and uncovered numerous findings related to the research, purchasing, and engagement preferences of today’s technology buying teams. Because of the large quantity of information available in the one report, we applied the “Russian Doll concept” and generated multiple pieces of content from the single large piece. Knowing that everyone likes to consume media in different ways, after creating the research brief featuring the global results from the study – Content essentials for technology buying teams worldwide   we saw the opportunity to create a larger variety of pieces using various media types to focus on different aspects and findings mentioned in the original report. Here is a list of all the various assets that were generated from one original report.

Research Briefs/White Papers




Blog Posts

While I am sure there are other pieces that have referenced the information featured in the original report, here are the primary pieces added to the latest Media Consumption content portfolio. This is just one example of how we have built an entire portfolio from one original content piece – if you want advice on how your organization can do this, I recommend checking out my colleague Courtney Kay’s blog, Getting content from content. If you have any questions about any of content pieces mentioned above, contact me or follow me @cjrudnick

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