Cisco Cisco

“We’re delivering a new level of value to our partners with insights into leads and accounts they never had before.”

Tina Bunch
Marketing Manager, Partner Marketing Central Execution and Lead Management


Commvault Commvault

Mitel Mitel

"We’ve seen it in the numbers; there have been some really good wins, from not only a pipeline standpoint but a revenue standpoint as well.... The TechTarget team has been fantastic to work with. It has been a very beneficial relationship."

Derek Gunn
Global Marketing Automation Specialist

Focus Technology Focus Technology

“Our sales teams are thanking us for making the investment in Priority Engine. This tool has vastly improved their effectiveness.”

Doug Alexander


“TechTarget has enabled us to jump-start our growth in a way that no other vendor could. Priority Engine has provided sales with clear inroads to reaching active prospects in their most lucrative accounts. In less than a year, we’ve added opportunities in 144 accounts with 13 in the Proof of Concept stage.”

Fred Love
VP of Marketing, Diamanti, Inc.

Druva Druva

NetApp NetApp


Yellowfin BI

Dell EMC

"Because Priority Engine refreshes every week, we are getting two to three new accounts a week—which is ideal. It achieved the highest level of engagement and enthusiasm for our sales team that I’ve seen for any digital approach."

David Angwin
Marketing Director, EMEA


“[With Inbound Converter,] being able to link our site visitors to TechTarget’s intent data and active prospects helps us easily pinpoint the most engaged accounts and deliver our sales team a list of prime prospects to focus on.”

Andrew Tewksbury
Director of Product & Marketing

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HPE SimpliVity

Silver Peak Silver Peak


“The ROI Dashboard gives us insight into the high-level impact of Priority Engine on pipeline.”

Emily Ketchum
Senior Manager of Global Marketing Operations


PowWow Mobile

“I consider TechTarget an extension of my marketing team – they are a true partner…. From messaging, to lead scoring, lead nurturing and guidance with content, our account team at TechTarget has been an excellent sounding board providing valuable guidance.”

Kristen Rachels
Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Distil Networks Distil Networks

"TargetROI makes our marketing prospecting programs more effective and has improved our overall lead quality."

Nicole Markisohn
Marketing Automation Manager

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