Leading cloud data protection vendor Druva was launching Druva Phoenix—a cloud-native backup solution for virtual machines and physical servers—in an established, highly competitive market.
At launch, they:

  • Lacked set-up, processes and systems needed to realize the opportunity for Druva Phoenix
  • Had low brand and product awareness within their target audience

We are working with TechTarget to execute an integrated approach and influence prospects and buyers across the buying cycle in ecosystems outside of our own.”

– Ryan McCurdy, Director of Demand Generation, Druva


To grow purchase consideration and active demand in parallel, Druva turned to TechTarget for an integrated program with Priority Engine™ at the core.

    • Established new dedicated end-to-end resources and processes for Druva Phoenix
    • Launched integrated program with TechTarget including content marketing, demand generation, digital advertising and real purchase intent insight from Priority Engine™ to amplify visibility and accelerate results
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influenced or direct pipeline opportunities added in the first 90 days

more productive cost-per-opportunity vs. comparable programs with other vendors


Using real purchase intent insight from Priority Engine, Druva was able to create a “single source of the truth” through data that allows their demand generation and sales teams to tightly align and collaborate around opportunities progressing through the buying cycle.

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Overcoming the “Innovator’s Dilemma”

See how Druva amplified their visibility and accelerated results by partnering with TechTarget to implement a fully integrated program including content marketing, demand generation, digital advertising and real purchase intent.

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