To keep a competitive edge in the explosive UCaaS market, Mitel needed a solution that enabled them to deliver more leads with better insights about them to accelerate the sales process.

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We’ve seen it in the numbers; there have been some really good wins, from not only a pipeline standpoint but a revenue standpoint as well…. The TechTarget team has been fantastic to work with. It has been a very beneficial relationship.”

– Derek Gunn, Global Marketing Automation Specialist, Mitel


Mitel invested in TechTarget’s TargetROI™ solution for a comprehensive, integrated marketing program including Priority Engine™, TechTarget’s data and analytics tool.

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increase on click-through rates on their nurture stream

of net new active prospects have become qualified leads


The rich insights Mitel receives from Priority Engine about active prospects in their market helps them to deliver better-targeted and more-valuable content in their nurtures. Beyond volume, they are qualifying better and passing more value to Sales.

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Mitel fuels their pipeline with Priority Engine.

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