Do Co-Branded Campaigns Really Work?

Many marketers are trying to achieve brand lift by executing co-branded campaigns with outside partners.  They spend time, energy and most of all dollars.  But does it work? How effective is it in increasing brand lift and if so, how?

I’ll cite a great example of a campaign that really did work.  TechTarget just partnered with a national nonprofit organization that provides IT services and training to nonprofits and young adults.  The goal was to create ‘branding awareness’ for this leading non-profit organization and for TechTarget to be positioned as a committed supporter of IT volunteerism.  We also tested ‘brand awareness’ of the Volunteerism space, all fully supported by various media types to stage a lead gen, branding, and social campaign.  We then ran a controlled vs. exposed study to examine the effectiveness of a ‘co-branded’ campaign for the sole purpose of increasing awareness and consideration intent for this organization and TechTarget related to the topic of IT Volunteerism.

We’ve discovered that through an interactive banner ad campaign consisting of assets such as a social community, video and marketing white papers were instrumental in achieving brand lift by 160% for TechTarget, 58% for Purchase Intent and a 24% aided brand awareness for this organization.  That leads us into the discussion of Brand Convergence, the hottest topic in the industry right now.  Marketers and their agencies are realizing that the new reality of online marketing requires your branding, social media, and demand generation efforts to be fully integrated.

At our first NYC TechTarget Online ROI Summit, we unraveled the importance and urgency of having your social, lead gen and branding efforts merge together to create the ultimate brand campaign and experience. We saw examples from top marketers and their agencies on how crucial having a social element is which will make or break a campaign, as well has having a direct impact on lead generation. So the bottom line is that you can’t have one without the other.  Lead Gen, Social and Branding go hand in hand.

As we enter our next TechTarget Online ROI Summit in September in San Francisco, we’ll hear from top Industry experts, including one of the most popular social media outlets, on how B2B marketers are using social to advance their lead generation efforts as well as how they are integrating social vehicles in their B2B initiatives.  Social Media is not just for your friends anymore…

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