Don’t just be a vendor to your customers

Mike Cotoia
Mike Cotoia

Chief Executive Officer

It’s no secret, but the current economy has made selling much more challenging and forced businesses to reevaluate the value they bring to their customers and prospects. It’s time you get out of the tradition of transactional selling and make your presence known as a strategic partner rather than just a vendor.

Your prospects and customers no longer have the resources to select you as their vendor solely based on your product or solution. They need to be assured that you are invested in, and motivated by, their success. So, similar to my previous post about developing a pledge to your customers, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. You need to be upfront and broadcast your determination to grow the business of your customers, and also how you plan to do that.

This is something that we passionately believe in and is why we recently produced two short videos to show you, strategic technology marketers and our valued customers, exactly how we are continuously innovating and driving our business to focus on your success. The first video presents our determination to be a strategic partner for our customers and the benefits that partnership brings. The second video highlights what the specifics investments we have made to ensure success. This is not a commercial, nothing fancy, but a straight and to the point discussion to help any marketer know exactly where we stand when it comes to delivering for our partners.

Please take a minute to view these videos and when it comes to your own business, make sure you are doing anything and everything to make it known that you are more than just a vendor to your customers and prospects. They are looking at their budgets and want to ensure their investments reap the greatest returns. So be one step ahead and position yourself as a strategic partner.

Are you interested in become a strategic partner for your customers and prospects?  If so, we’re here to help.

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