Engagement Level – A New Metric of Success for Online Advertising

For marketers everywhere, showcasing the number of qualified leads they receive from a campaign isn’t enough anymore to prove success.  Although revenue accrued might be the main metric of success, engagement levels throughout a campaign are also important.  I offer clients the average time spent with their content, number of pages viewed, and even whether or not it was saved on their hard drive.  And with online branding campaigns, I can share average time spent per page.  Is it important to showcase engagement with your (vendor) content or engagement with the topic overall (editorial and vendor)?  What are your benchmarks for time spent?  And how do you measure engagement with your branding and lead gen campaigns?

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  1. […] The underlying theme here is that you cannot rely on being able to reach your audience through broad or “lazy” means anymore. In order to increase effectiveness of your marketing, it must be contextual/environment-specific marketing and it must have an eye towards increased engagement. This is not just about spending more money online and less on TV, but about making sure your message is being heard loud and clear. Less eyeballs does not necessarily equate to lower traction. At TechTarget, we have moved towards a topically-based approach to communicating to our user base and have seen the response and engagement increase dramatically. Along these lines, RSS feeds, while still in relative infancy, are also gaining traction – the idea being “show me only what I am looking for.” […]

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