‘Engaging Reach’ as the next performance metric

In his “Six Predictions for 2007” Mark Kingdon of ClickZ says, “Engaging Reach Emerges as a Mantra for Advertisers: In the world of digital communications, ‘reach’ is just step one, not an end goal. Simply reaching a consumer isn’t enough. And if you focus solely on engagement, you won’t reach enough viewers to make an impact. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to measure ‘engaging reach.’ First, we must look deeper when it comes to online advertising metrics.”

Looking at how engaged IT buyers are with advertiser content has become a real focal point in the IT advertising space. At TechTarget we are investing in analytical tools that can help us determine various aspects of engagement. It is simply not enough to demonstrate that someone has seen your ad or responded to your content. IT advertisers want to know how long they perused your content, what they did with it once they downloaded it, who they passed it along to.

Additionally, advertisers want to know how their sponsored content is perceived by users compared to editorial content and other competitively sponsored content. Consequently, publishers are being asked to conduct analyses and deliver metrics that rank user interaction and preferences with content.

A certain commonality among digital advertisers, whether they are consumer or BtoB, is their realization that online advertising and how performance is defined is in a constant state of evolution. Yesterday’s metrics will always be replaced by tomorrow’s and it’s incumbent on all of us to stay on top of it all.

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