Enhance your Lead Generation Programs with White Papers

Last week, Michael Stelzner wrote an interesting article in MarketingProfs about the effectiveness of white papers. The article states, “New research shows that white papers are among the most compelling way to attract leads.”   He also comments on how to write effective white papers such as starting with a problem or need faced by the reader rather than the product or service offered.

After running thousands of campaings on our network, the results prove over and over again that education content combined with integrated media is the key to a successful lead generation program.  We have seen that product/sales focused papers result in poor performance. TechTarget also ran a recent study that points to White Papers as the most effective source when researching new technologies/vendors.  It shows that the majority of IT Professionals download between 10 and 24 white papers per year.

All these data points suggest, to garner success in your lead generation programs, invest in compelling white papers.

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